What is Myfoodlink?

At Myfoodlink we provide a fully hosted specialist online supermarket e-commerce platform to supermarkets and grocers.  We can also help in areas of website design and build, graphic design, sales and marketing, and shopping applications for smartphones.


What does this mean?

Basically, we take supermarkets, corner stores and boutique producers online, by making them their own individual online store. These stores are all different and customizable, but all have a series of key online grocery features we know make life easier for our customers.

We’re partnering with industry leaders, to ensure our systems integrate seamlessly with other suppliers. These include grocery retail point of sale providers, like WorldSmart, so your in-store and online systems can work together to get the best results.


Who are we?

The Myfoodlink team are based in Hobart, Tasmania with team members in Sydney & the United Kingdom. We work globally, bringing e-commerce solutions to businesses all over the world.

Grocery e-commerce is a rapidly expanding area, as more retailers see the potential of online sales. When we partner with a business to take their store online, we are there to support them along the way and into the future.

The Myfoodlink operation is built with people in mind. Whether it be businesses or customers, we want the experience to be easy, positive and meet expectations.


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