Abandoned Cart Emails

A feature of the Myfoodlink platform is the ability to automate Abandoned Cart emails to customers.  An Abandoned Cart email is a common marketing tool by which a business contacts a potential (or existing) customer, to remind them that they have an item/s in their virtual basket, if they leave the website before completing their purchase. On the Myfoodlink system this works for customers who have previously successfully checked out or who have created a store account, because it means the platform has an email address for them.

On the Myfoodlink platform you can control:

  • how soon after abandonment the email is sent 

  • the dollar value the cart must be at the time of abandonment to be considered worthwhile, and

  • the subject and text of the email that is sent

Ready to get started?

  1. In the backoffice of your Myfoodlink online store, go to the Settings tab and select Emails from the Store Information section
  2. Scroll down to Abandoned Cart and click into this option
  3. Click Create a Custom Version (or Edit, if one is already created) and tick the box marked "Send Abandoned Cart Emails"
  4. Type an email subject. We suggest something along the lines of: "Ready to finish your order at ?"
  5. Type the email text. You don't need to provide links to the store at all; they are added automatically. 


Then enter values for the following:

Hours abandoned:  An email will be sent if a cart has been abandoned for more than this number of hours. This is only checked once an hour, so it may take up to an hour longer than this value for the email to be sent. We recommend a low value like 1 hour as research shows this has the best response rate from potential customers.

Cart Value: Enter a value below which an email will not be sent. We advise you to think about your usual online store average spend in dollars to help you decide what to enter here.


Click save and that's it!  The Abandoned Cart emails feature is now enabled and will start sending emails whenever required. If you want to test it, just add some items to your cart, leave them there and then close the browser tab so you can't see the online store any more.

If you have any questions about the Abandoned Cart feature or would like help setting it up, contact the Myfoodlink customer support team.