Getting started with CitrusAd on your Myfoodlink platform


Brand Advertising on Myfoodlink via CitrusAd

Myfoodlink has partnered with CitrusAd to allow our customers to further monetise their e-commerce platform by placing supplier-funded advertising in front of shoppers while they are browsing your online store.  This is now available as an optional module for your Myfoodlink platform.

CitrusAd is a globally recognised platform that links brands with third-party digital space for the purpose of advertising. It allows the brands (which we call suppliers here) behind the products your shoppers know and buy, to advertise directly to them, using your online store as the advertising platform.  By activating CitrusAd you create the opportunity to earn revenue from a product twice: once by advertising it to the shopper and then again when they purchase it.  No customer data is shared with CitrusAd or the brands they work with. 


/Through the CitrusAd platform integration, suppliers will have access to the self-service platform and can bid to advertise through product ads and banner ads. Product ads allow suppliers to have their SKUs appear at the top of search or category pages for that middle shelf space. For product advertisements, funds are generated from product ads on a cost per click model. 

Banner ads allow suppliers to run display graphic ads at the top of search or category pages for brand awareness. For banner advertisements, funds are generated on a cost per impression model.

The funds generated from suppliers are remitted to your store or group as a discount on your monthly e-commerce invoice.  You will have access to real time reporting on suppliers’ ad performance via CitrusAd in the backoffice of your Myfoodlink platform.  

I'm a Myfoodlink customer, how do I get started?

The CitrusAd module is free and ready to be activated in your Myfoodlink e-commerce platform.  To get started you can go to your online store backoffice, go to the Modules tab and click ‘Request CitrusAd’, or alternatively reach out to our customer support team.


I'm a supplier, how do I advertise?

If you're a supplier and you'd like to start advertising with CitrusAd you can email [email protected] for more information and onboarding. CitrusAd provide support and work with suppliers to ensure their ads are optimised.