Myfoodlink assists Thirsty Camel in National Digital Rebrand

Myfoodlink first began working with the South Australian branch of Thirsty Camel in 2014. Since then we've worked with their team to bring 22 Thirsty Camel SA stores online in that state and to provide integrated websites (which we call 'microsites') for 13 others stores across South Australia. 

In late 2022 the team at Thirsty Camel SA approached Myfoodlink to work together on a digital rebrand of the e-commerce and microsites in order to bring them in line with the updated national Thirsty Camel branding. The aim was to change the look of the online platform without changing the existing set-up from a customer perspective. The design team at Myfoodlink created prototype designs for the revised stores for Thirsty Camel to review and approve and the final version was made live to customers in February 2023.

Project Lead for Thirsty Camel SA, Callie Davis, said that from their perspective the process had been straightforward and quite seamless, with Myfoodlink providing direction on what materials and assets were needed, setting out timelines and providing designs for mobile and desktop. The online switch between Thirsty Camel SA and other state sites is now virtually undetectable from a branding perspective. 

Feedback to Thirsty Camel SA has been very positive both from a business and customer perspective. Take a look at the updated stores. 


Online store, website and digital design is an area Myfoodlink works closely on with our customers. If you'd like to discuss the design of a new or existing store, get in touch with our team today!