Promote at Checkout

Boost your customer's basket size with the Promote at Checkout feature on the Myfoodlink platform. This feature allows you to promote specific products to your online customers between their main shopping experience and when they check out.  Think of it as a checkout product display for your e-commerce space!

The Promote at Checkout feature is a great tool for online store owners when it comes to growing customer spend.  In the same way an in-store customer might pick up a loaf of bread or a bar of chocolate from your checkout counter display, you can customise your online store to promote products to your online shoppers just before they reach payment



Personalised Suggestions

The 'Last Minute' feature allows you to suggest products to customers based on their purchase history. By doing this, you can offer personalised recommendations that are relevant to their preferences. This can help to build customer loyalty and encourage repeat purchases.


Increase Sales

By suggesting products to customers before they complete their checkout, you increase the chances of them making additional purchases. This feature can be especially effective for suggesting frequently purchased items or current specials. By using this feature, you can boost sales and increase revenue.


Customisation in the Backoffice

Setting up the 'Last Minute' feature in your Myfoodlink e-commerce store is easy. Store owners can customise the number of results to show, the types of products to suggest, and other parameters to fit their business needs. This feature is also flexible enough to allow for custom searches and promotions, so you can tailor suggestions to customers interests and preferences.