Turning products off whilst picking

Turning products off while picking


The Myfoodlink platform is designed to make your life easy when managing your on and offline stock together.  We understand that to be 100% vigilant when you have a vast line of products in-store is quite a big challenge.  With that in mind, we have developed a couple of tools to back you up in this endeavour.

You can let the Myfoodlink platform deal with it automatically and, after 21 days of negative sales of a specific product in-store, our system will remove it from your website. 

Another way is to manually remove the missing products one by one after being informed that they are out of stock.


Of course reviewing a store in its entirety may be a bit overwhelming and managing every single product’s availability will become a big challenge.

With that in mind, we developed a tool that can be used by the people who are constantly looking at products and collecting them to fulfil your online orders, your pickers.


Whilst picking an order, your pickers have a front seat row to the availability or not of every single product getting purchased through your online store.  And while they are at it, they have the capability to remove an out of stock product from your eCommerce.

The beauty of this tool is that as soon the product is off stock you can just click a button and remove it from the sale.


Turning products off whilst picking

By clicking on 'set', the picker will open the screen for that specific out of stock product. Right below the product you can just click the toggle and make the product unavailable for online shopping. It will go from green (available) to orange (unavailable). 

When the product goes back into stock, you don’t have to worry. Your system will update its availability automatically.  There will be no need for manual overrides to bring it back into your store.