Feature Update - Shopping Lists

Here at Myfoodlink, we are always looking into new ways to improve your shopping experience. From Product Filters to I Am Here to collect, we want to make the experience of shopping as efficient as possible.

Today we want to introduce to you our Shopping Lists feature.

We all have our particularities when shopping for groceries. But one thing is universal, Shopping Lists.

Some people get creative during their visit to the shop while others stick to the plan. However, we all create a list.

In fact, 69% of women make a shopping list beforehand, compared to 52% of men.

Either a mental list or a thoroughly written one, with checkboxes, lists are a must and help saving money while grocery shopping.

Based on that fact, our 'brains' came up with a new tool to help you organise your shopping and save you precious time.

The Shopping Lists new feature allows you to have as many lists as you want. 

Create a special list for every single event, big or not.

Do you have a weekly clock off meeting at the office with wine, cheese and charcuterie platter every Friday? Why not have a Shopping List done to save you the time of looking for your favourite choices?

Want to break your monthly shopping into small segments? Cleaning products, kids lunch, and daily dinner can become 3 separate lists.

How do I use the Shopping List?

If your thoughts are "it's a My Favourite" list, but for groceries, the answer is "yes".

Pretty simple to use, Shopping Lists work in the following way:

  • Start by searching for an item;

  • Click the love heart icon below the price;

  • The Shopping Lists tool will open;

  • You can create a new one or add the product to an old list;

  • To create a new list:

    • you click on New List;

    • give it a name, and Bob's your uncle.

Now your favourites are part of a shopping list that you can access and update anywhere. 

Each shopping list can hold up to 200 products. So, now you can finally have all your favourite lollies saved in one list and call it 'the All Year Halloween list'.

At the moment, we don't have an option for you to share your lists with other people. So, you won't be able to share your 'Top 5 ice cream flavours' with your friends like Rob Gordon in High Fidelity.

In this case, that monthly night with friends may have to be managed by the same person. Although, it could always be delivered to the address of the entertainer of the month.

Enjoy this new feature and stay connected for more.

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