Christmas Online 2021 - Time to Plan

Let’s face it, 2021 was as challenging as 2020. Being indoors for most of 2020 and part of 2021 showed us that customers really enjoy the convenience of online shopping and delivery.

The online Grocery and Liquor shopping industry has continued to grow 40% year on year with no sign of slowing down. Christmas is undoubtedly the King of the holidays and is an important time of year for all retailers. Pre COVID Christmas online shopping had already begun to rapidly grow, and with the lockdowns, it has only expedited it further. According to the National Retail Association and the Australian Bureau of Statistics, shoppers spent over $5 billion online making up 10% of all spending throughout the 2020 Christmas trading season, which goes from the second half of November until the end of December. This growth was 59% up on the year prior, with similar growth results expected again this year.

Things you may consider for an early start

If you want a bigger slice of this online shopping pie you should start planning as early as possible. Customers are looking to save time and make life as convenient as possible. When is the typical time of year where we are all very busy? Christmas! 

Follow our below tips to ensure your online offering is ready for Christmas this year.

Christmas Themed Products Available Online

It is always important that you execute as much of your in-store product range online, and at Christmas, it is even more important. Customers will be seeking out the classic Christmas products to add to their shopping over the seasonal period, as well as the weeks leading up to Christmas. Getting these online as soon as possible will create additional basket spending for these impulse purchases. Getting it sorted early will also instil trust into your customers that they can order these products with their main shop closer to Christmas. It is important however to keep an eye on the stock of these products in store as often they are once-off buy-in from your supply network and when they go out of stock there you will not be able to get more and substitutions often do not make sense here.

What kind of products are we referring to?

  • Gifting - Boxed Chocolates, Hampers, Stocking fillers (e.g beauty products, candles, diffusers etc)
  • Roast Meats - Hams, Turkeys and any other bought in Christmas related meats
  • Baked Goods - Shortbread Biscuits, Christmas Pudding, Mince Pies and Swiss Logs
  • Essential Items - Roasting Trays, Glazes, Sauces/Gravy, Herbs & Spices.
  • Tableware - Cutlery, Plates, Serviettes, Christmas Crackers. 

Summer Christmas Vs Classic Christmas

When we talk about Christmas here in Australia, most of the time, we can divide it into two categories. The Classic Roast Dinner Christmas vs Summer BBQ outdoor beach Christmas. It is important to ensure that your offering addresses both types of customers as they are both important, but also very different. The easiest way to execute both is to run a summer focused campaign across the Christmas season to the end of the Summer and then layer the classic Christmas execution on top of this. 

As we have mentioned before, the Christmas season goes from mid-November until the end of December. During this time you will want to share with your customers all your specials related to both Summer and Classic Christmas. 

Make sure that you keep an eye out for which Christmas’ Specials your customers are purchasing, and continue to update your store with new offers to entice further upsell.

The same applies to the Summer BBQ Christmas offering but remember that it is going to stay around for the whole duration of Summer and can change the look of it post Christmas into something more Summer generic.

How to execute Christmas Online

Making it easy for your customers to find these key seasonal products is vital. To do this the following layers should be utilised in your online store:

  • Product Tags
    Create a number of product tags that you can use to group your themed Christmas/Summer products together. E.g Summer BBQ would be items like steak, sausages, bread, sauce etc. Don’t forget to tick the box to add this to your department Navigation when creating the tag for additional visibility. 
  • Homepage Tile/Carousel 
    Create a tile or banner that clicks through to a tag listing of products to purchase. E.g Christmas Gifting clicks through to all your Hampers and Boxed chocolate.
  • Promote at Checkout (last-minute promotions)
    Promote at checkout is fantastic for encouraging impulse purchases, and Christmas falls perfectly into this. Ensure you tag around 6 products per week with your Christmas lines to help improve that basket spend. Rotating this with products on promotion is a great idea. 
  • Email Marketing
    Christmas is an important time to send marketing emails. Think clearly about what your Christmas offering will look like and how you can begin to get your customers to plan how they will shop Christmas with you. By mid-November, you will ideally want to email every 1-2 weeks with your Christmas Range changing out products based on what is on promotion with an easy click through to shop online. Utilising the work you have done with your Product Tags, and Tiles you can create content blocks in your Email that click through to this content so you’re driving the traffic directly to the product to purchase. 

More to come!

Keep an eye out for our next Christmas Blog that will go through Gifting Ideas, Coupon Code Promotional drivers and Instore promotional layers to consider.

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