Communicating with customers at Christmas

In the lead up to Christmas things can get a little bit nuts in retail.  

You've got busy days, extra products and changes to opening times and days.  The last thing you want is confusion amongst your customers, about what exactly is going on. This is where establishing clear lines of communication with your staff and your customers can save you a lot of heartaches.  It is also where the 'customer broadcast' feature of Myfoodlink comes in handy!

Here are our top 3 items for communicating clearly with customers over the busy season.

What questions are your customers going to ask?

Chances are you've been in the business for a while now and have a pretty good idea of the sorts of questions that get asked at this time of year - so write them down and work out answers to them well in advance!  

Give them to your staff, so they can have the correct information on hand when customers ask in-store and use the broadcast feature of your online store to advise online customers too.

Advertise changes to opening hours

If you are extending opening hours in the lead up to Christmas or closing for any specific days over the busy season, type them up and display them in-store as soon as possible.  

The week before Christmas we recommend printing them out and having them available in-store so your customers can pick up a copy at the checkout too.  Again use the broadcast feature of your online store to tell customers what's going on, and email all your online customers to let them know when/if you're planning to close the online store over Christmas.

Pick one point to receive customer enquiries 

Actively promote one phone number or one email address for customers to use to contact your business with questions and, if possible, assign specific people to be responsible for responding to these.  This will mean customers know where to go to ask a question and you will know who's managing those responses on your behalf.  

Final tips?

Repeat your message consistently and everywhere possible

If there is a specific spiel you have prepared for customers repeat it across all the communication channels you have at your disposal.

Get started early

Deciding on your communication points and approach early on will mean you're able to focus on other things over the busy season, whilst keeping your customers happy.

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