e-Commerce, more than a promise, the future of growth

eCommerce grocery growth prediction for the next 5 years
eCommerce grocery growth prediction for the next 5 years

The past 16 months have been unprecedented in recent history, to the point where not only our lives were impacted but also our habits. Planning, once taken a bit lightly, became the main topic in many companies.  

The big question is 'how do we plan for a situation like we are living in today?' 

Those who reacted by taking their bricks and mortar business into an online platform straight away were able to shift with the rapid market shift as customers opted to stay at home and minimise risk. With lockdowns continuing across the world, online retailing continues to lead some of the largest economic growth. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, from April to October 2020, the online retail market grew 52.1%. The online food market alone grew 59% during the same period. Recent stats from the UN show that global e-commerce has jumped to $26.7 trillion, fueled by COVID-19.

Is the growth in online retailing here to stay? - July 2021 Update 

The short answer is yes. With the lockdowns across Australia, we have seen massive growth in Grocery and Liquor eCommerce over July 2021. Comparing July versus the previous quarter, Grocery sales are booming with a 57.71% increase, the online Liquor checkout and sales surpassed 50% growth. Customers are conscious of staying home and we are seeing delivery as high as 80% for Grocery and 90% in Liquor. With COVID not looking to a near end, we are confident that this growth will endure through August with the continued lockdowns.  

Case study - Supamart Group 

July was an off the charts month for our clients on average, we have seen a 57.71% increase in Grocery Online sales in July when compared to the previous trimester.  

The Supamart Group have significantly surpassed this with a staggering 400% across both their stores. The primary reason for this is their proactiveness in mobilising their stores quickly post COVID wave one to be ready for a second large wave. This proactiveness has worked very well in their favour and their instore team were ready to meet the demand when it rose.   

Supermarkets are an imperative part of a local community, and locals will remember who is there to support them in tough times such as now. Getting an online store is not only about sales, but it is also about minimising risk for your customers and communities by offering the same great service but in a way that keeps them safe. This was proven by the massive jump in deliveries with almost three times more than April, May, and June combined at their Blue Mountain’s store alone. With multiple delivery options 9 am to 8 pm, seven days a week, the local community were rest assured that they could get their groceries when they needed and that they would arrive on time while they were safe and sound indoors during the lockdown.  

"Myfoodlink has helped us develop a professional online service for our group of stores, this has enabled our group to capture growing online sales. Myfoodlink is constantly upgrading its system which enables us to grow sales and bring down costs of running an online store. Most importantly our customer feedback has been very positive." Andrew Karellas

Online Grocery has become an expectation within the industry, and with each Lockdown the importance of its offering continues to grow momentum.  

At Myfoodlink we have helped over 1000 Grocery & Liquor stores get online across Australia & New Zealand. We understand making the move to online is a big step, and we are here to help make that step a lot easier. 

Contact us on myfoodlink.com.au to talk to us about how we can help get your business trading online. 

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