2021? We drink to that!

The year 2021 wasn’t easy for businesses in general. 

Like its predecessor, 2021 was filled with lockdowns, new variants, difficulties with order fulfilment and supply chain spreading too thin all over the country.

Even with all the adversities, the beverage market had a great year.

Our clients have seen growth between 25% and 35% during last year, going above and beyond their most optimistic expectations. 

With 66% of Australians willing to spend a little bit more to support small local businesses, the independent liquor stores were on the receiving end of those expenditures.

ILG, ILR and LMG performed well over the past 12 months and are heavily shifting their focus into eCommerce.

Here at Myfoodlink, we look forward to rolling out ILG and ILR in 2022 and continue working with LMG to support their large plans towards eCommerce success.

The LMG had an amazing run both in 2020 and 2021. In partnership with us, LMG released over 200 online stores and they're not planning on slowing down.

The fact that each store has its independent eCommerce store and it is capable of having a unique range, with unique pricing to offer their customers a unique experience speaks loudly in relation to their amazing success.

Not only that but strong digital marketing together with convenient services like Monday to Sunday one hour delivery brought the local communities around their stores even closer to them. To crown 2021, LMG has doubled their sales volume from 2020.

Market Statistics

Source: Ibis World - Online Beer, Wine and Liquor Sales in Australia - report OD4087

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