Online-Only Pricing Made Easy

Our new filter screens have made it easy to see which of your online products are now at an online-only price. With this confidence in mind, you can now manage your online-only pricing with ease. 
You will notice that you can now filter by manually overridden Pricing, Department and Availability in the back office of the online store via left-hand side of the products page. This will now easily show which products you are controlling manually instead of POS managing it.

What to watch out for?

Managing 15,000+ products is challenging, and managing two different prices for multiple of them can make it even harder! It is easy to forget about a price you have changed. As you can imagine, it could easily end up being weeks or months of selling a product at the sharp promotional price that ends up costing you a lot of money. A single product does not equate to much, but dozens over months can really start to make an impact. Ensuring you build a weekly process to check which products have a manually managed Online Pricing is a quick 1-minute job that could save you a lot of money and keeps things carefully managed.

How to manually override a price online

To manually override a price, you go to your eCommerce store's back office, click on a product you want to edit and go to Pricing & Selling Tab. Here, you will see the price, select the Human Override button and input the new online-only special price. If you need to swap this back to POS price simply select the POS button again and this will change it to the current POS price that gets updated daily from your system. 

In the main product area screen, you will now be able to click on the manually override filter by Price, and this will display the products you have given an online only price.

Overriding price of multiple products 

Now you click the Quick Edit feature on the top right of the screen, choose Price in the drop-down menu and adjust every product’s online price by simply clicking on the Human Override button and editing the pricing. It is equally easy to swap it back to POS pricing by selecting the POS button. There is no Save button required here. The system will automatically save this live as you make the change.

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