How Important is Smart Design?

Having a well-designed online store and website has a strong influence on how customers perceive your store’s brand and how willing they are to shop online with you.

Website design and usability are closely linked. At Myfoodlink, we continually take these aspects into consideration, aiming to balance functionality, ease-of-use and aesthetics to help provide a really positive experience for users. We are proud of the feedback we receive about how easy our online shopping system is to use. 

Improving The Look Of My Online Store

One of the best ways we can improve and tailor the experience for your customers is by applying unique styling and design to your online store. Some of the customisations we can make are: 

  • selecting a colour scheme that fits well with your existing branding and in-store presentation;

  • hand-selecting high-quality imagery to use on your store’s homepage; 

  • choosing smart fonts that match your branding.

We can also customise your store design so it sits well with your website, or design a whole new website to complement the online store.

The other important set of customisations we provide is in the mobile version of your store. This is designed to match the look and feel of the desktop version of your site but is laid out in a more user-friendly format for mobile screen sizes.

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