FoodWorks Group

FoodWorks is an independent supermarket group currently hosting almost 550 supermarkets and convenience stores across Australia.

In 2015 FoodWorks teamed up with Myfoodlink to help take supermarkets in their business group online and offer their customers the convenience of online shopping.

The first FoodWorks online store, Bacchus Marsh, went live on April 10th 2015 Since then FoodWorks stores are increasingly moving online, with new stores subscribing and starting their journey each month.

FoodWorks offer their stores the option of FoodWorks or individual
branding on their online stores, depending on the business’ choice; both of which Myfoodlink is able to assist with.

FoodWorks also include their online stores in their Myfoodlink smartphone shopping application.

Customers can download the application to their smartphone or tablet, then select their local store from the available list and place their order on the go.

FoodWorks and Myfoodlink

FoodWorks stores looking to go online can take advantage of the partnership between Myfoodlink and FoodWorks.  Customers are directed to their online store via a destop Store Chooser or via the FoodWorks Online Shopping Application, to ensure they are always shopping with their local store. 

FoodWorks provides support and services to their stores when going online, meaning individual stores can grow sales through the platform using the in-built marketing tools and an over-arching support system.

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