Hill Street Grocer

Screenshot of the Hillstreet ecommerce store, the Hillstreet home online store, and recipes on the Hillstreet website

Hill Street Grocer's passion for fresh produce and delicious food, and a flair for business, has seen Hill Street become one of Tasmania’s leading food retailers with stores across the state.

The team at Hill Street chose the Myfoodlink platform to take their business online and to grow their sales via a digital landscape.

Hill Street Grocer has a team committed to maintaining the best online shopping experience, here fresh produce, convenience and customer service are the key factors in their online offering

We are proud to work with this far-sighted, family-owned group of beautiful stores.

In 2012 the team at Hill Street Grocer decided it was time to take their business online, and worked with Myfoodlink to make it happen.

Their commitment to building online sales has paid off. Today Hill Street Online is a much-loved high quality thriving business, working in partnership with the Hill Street Group's existing and new stores. Their online customers are loyal and many are now past their 100th order.

In building their online business, Hill Street used the in-built marketing tools to attract new customers to the platform. 

Out of city delivery zones, special offers and regular customer emails, and the feedback feature all contributed to growing an online business that complemented the in-store business.