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The Hill Street Grocers have a rich story. Like many successful Australian businesses, it started as a small family business over 40 years ago and now have 10 beautiful stores. Based in Tasmania, their story starts with a small store selling groceries and take away that ended up becoming Hill Street Grocers, a core part of its local community that supports local people. From a humble beginning to having stores all over Tasmania, Hill Street’s praise is well deserved. But what really is at the front row of their successful business is their customer service and beautifully designed supermarkets full of the freshest, tastiest food you can imagine. Being Tasmanian locals ourselves, Myfoodlink’s and Hill Street’s paths crossed to merge into a successful partnership that is 10 years strong.

Hill Street Grocers and Myfoodlink

Our partnership with Hill Street started at the end of 2011 with their Newtown store. Hill Street is always ahead of the game offering superior service to its customers and knew that the convenience of online shopping would one day be a critical part of Grocery.

Hill Street was looking for a solution that allowed them to manage their online business as an extension of their stores to bring to life each location and its unique product range and shopping experience into the digital world seamlessly.

Some of the big challenges for independents getting online is ensuring that your POS system interacts properly with your website, grocery challenges like fruit and vegetable random weight and updating prices from POS to the online store. At Myfoodlink they do it really well. As per Nick Nikitaras, one of the owners of the Hill Street grocer group.

At Hill Street, they use WorldSmart as their POS system provider, who is one of our key POS system partners. We have a great two-way integration between Hill Street's physical store system and their Myfoodlink online stores which allow Hill Street to ensure their online store is continuously up to date and in sync with their in-store day to day business. 

Feedback from Hill Street customers as per Nick Nikitaras say that they find the website easy to use with plenty of their customers shopping both online and offline, and an increasing amount are moving towards online only and are loving the convenience of the service. A large benefit with online shopping has been added revenue to the business, and the large basket spend that sits 4 to 5 times higher than instore.

10 years later we are still working together closely with Hill Street, they continue investing with us and ultimately into a platform that supports the independents of Australia with a competitive online solution in this rapidly changing space.  


The success of Hill Street Grocer's online

With incredible monthly numbers growing month on month Hill Street’s performance is impressive. Hill Street stores are small to medium in size but their online sales say otherwise with over 1000 checkouts a week and a basket size well above the market’s average. They are the proof that you do not need to be a large store to compete with Market giants such as Woolworths & Coles.

Backed up by a convenient customer-centric click & collect and delivery schedule, Hill Street even covers remote areas where they don’t have stores, including the famous Bruny Island of Tasmania. Hill Street has a strong commitment to its customers and it is obvious that their customers love and support them based on the success of their online stores.

Hill Street understands that the digital space plays an integral part in the success of Grocery and has an amazing social media presence. This is a key part of the success of their Online Shopping as the only way to bring people to your online store is to tell them about it digitally.

One of the famously popular things about Hill Street is that it provides its customers with outstanding service, hand-picked imports such as a wide variety of cheese and locally sourced. produce is of the highest freshest quality. This same service carries through into online by going the extra miles for customers every day bringing the same quality of their in-store to their customers' doors.  


Hill Street Christmas Online

Christmas is a massive time of year in Grocery as customers indulge and go all out for the big day. Hill Street makes this day extra special for their customers by providing beautifully prepared fresh food, gift hampers, wine & craft beer at the convenience of avoiding the crazy supermarket rush the 2 days before. With their special Myfoodlink Online Christmas Store they have 1000s of customers every year placing their order months in advance to get that special Christmas they enjoy annually. It is a highly successful operation with large growth year on year as more and more customers find out just how special it is. Hill Street truly has it all.


Major partners Myfoodlink works together

Myfoodlink is the prefered provider of eCommerce solutions to the biggest independent grocery and liquor groups in Australia and New Zealand. The Myfoodlink platform offers a fast, flexible solution which allows our customers to focus on marketing and order fulfilment and by consequence helps them grow their online businesses. By bringing their brick and mortar store into the online world they are able to offer better customer service and much more convenience in a fast-changing world. Read more about them by choosing below.

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