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Because the Myfoodlink platform was built for grocery retail, it handles the deep supermarket-sized inventory that comes with representing a whole store online. From the very beginning, we have developed our software logic to handle the precise & complex requirements of grocery retail.

The top three reasons our system is so effective for stores:



Easy for your customers

Carefully designed for grocery retail, Myfoodlink enables customers to check out fast & easily, using desktop, mobile or app


Powerful for you

Comprehensive systems integration with POS systems. Fulfilment platform and business intelligence allow you to focus on delivery.



Built for success

We have the expertise. Our team is with you to help develop your operational and digital strategies.

Fast easy shopping

Better than a supermarket - everything is easy to find and there’s never a queue at the checkout. Customer behaviour is changing, as shoppers embrace new technologies to fill traditional errands. Creating an online presence means that your business is not missing out when customers choose to make their purchases online, instead of in-store.

An online store is a worthy accompaniment to your bricks and mortar store. Both physical and online stores can exist on their own, but when you have both you are able to capture the most potential customers. Retain existing customers with the Myfoodlink online shopping system – our close integration with store POS systems means that once your store is set up, your main focus will be fulfilling orders.


We integrate with the following POS systems

For further information about POS integration and the providers we partnered up with, just click here.

Shop anywhere

Your customers can use the desktop, mobile or Myfoodlink application version of your online store, at no extra cost. We also offer bespoke mobile apps for your store, branded for you, for both Apple iOS & Android devices.


Manageable Schedules

Click & Collect? Home delivery? Control days, times and more with our comprehensive scheduling engine. Your store can control the exact times, days & dates of delivery or collection, even adding extra time slots at busy times of year. 

Even faster the 2nd time

Your online store learns what your customers want & helps them buy it again. Saved payment details means there's no hunting for purses. Myfoodlink stores are designed so that the only thing your customers need to think about is what they want and when they want it.  

Keeping it personal

Myfoodlink online stores hook up with mailing list software - stay in touch and remind them how good you are. As time goes by, new customers are added to your mailing list – all you need is something to say. Our grocery marketing experts can work with you to develop effective email campaigns.

Efficient order dispatch

The Myfoodlink system gives your store staff everything they need to fulfill online orders in one place. Whether your staff choose to walk the aisles with an iPad or a printed packing sheet, they can record substitutions as they go and charge the customer when the order is picked.

Stay Safe & Secure

This is a cloud application - Myfoodlink handle software updates and security for you. Because Myfoodlink has always been fully PCI-DSS compliant there will be no delay in implementing your online merchant facility.


Myfoodlink Support

As well as benefiting from clever, intuitive shopping technology, Myfoodlink customers get to take advantage of our long experience in grocery retail. We take care of our customers as they set up shop, then we support live stores closely with bespoke marketing campaigns, designed to sustain their online business in an inventive, cost-effective way.


You’re not on your own

From store styling to delivery best practices, Myfoodlink offer comprehensive user-friendly training for staff. From store configuration to dispatching your first order, we will be by your side. And once your store goes live, we continue to support you with timely advice, helpdesk support and marketing know-how so that you can easily build your online business.

Compete online

Use the services of our experienced marketing team to really benefit from the power of your Myfoodlink online store. If you want to attract and retain customers to your online store, you’ll want to implement a manageable marketing plan. Our experienced team will take your input and specific requirements to design & manage a plan for you. Over time, as you see sales volume grow, we will continue to tailor your campaign and maintain contact with you to incorporate your feedback.

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