eCommerce with WorldSmart POS


At Myfoodlink we have a robust two-way integration between our Grocery & Liquor eCommerce platform for both Worldsmarts POS systems, Grocery Manager & Smart Retail. Effortlessly manage your Myfoodlink online store by keeping your Worldsmart POS up to date and having the peace of mind that your online store will stay in sync. Learn below about all of the powerful features between our Myfoodlink eCommerce and WorldSmart POS integration:


Connecting your WorldSmart POS System up to Myfoodlink online store


Your WorldSmart POS System will automatically keep your online store Retail & Promotional Pricing including cost up in sync to make management of your 1000s product easy to manage.


All your product stock locations will come from WorldSmart POS System into the online store with Aisle, Bay, Shelf location. This can then be used to optimise your picking route to improve the time to pick online orders and improve profitability.


In-store it is required to show where your fresh products’ country of origin is from. Online is no different, and as part of your WorldSmart POS System integration we get this data automatically from your POS so we can show it online.


Every time you range a new product in-store whether it is direct to store, from the warehouse or made in-store your WorldSmart POS System will send all the pricing & product information to the online store. Our system will then automatically try to give it a high-quality image and description so you can sell it immediately without having to think about it!


Every 24 hours at a minimum your WorldSmart POS System will update our system with all of your products information keeping your in-store and online in sync automatically.


Every product department & sub-department is sent with every update so we know where each product should live, and if you move them in-store, they will also move online.


Ensure that only what’s available in your Physical Retail store will be what is available online for your customers to buy. Do you keep your stock on hand up to date? Many don’t and not to worry our system is designed to help. Every time something sells in your physical store your WorldSmart POS System records the last sold date which we can use to determine whether a product is actively available or not. Alternatively, if your stock is accurate we can use this as well!


Your WorldSmart POS System will automatically keep your online store Retail & Promotional Pricing including cost up in sync to make management of your 1000s product easy to manage.


All online orders that are completed will be recorded in your WorldSmart so that you can easily track all of your in-store and online sales in one place to see how your entire business is performing.


Sync your in-store Smart Rewards Loyalty Programme online allowing your customers to sign up and earn points every time they shop.

POS system providers Myfoodlink currently supports


Here at Myfoodlink we have partnered up and integrated with the leading POS system providers in the Independent Grocery & Liquor market across Australia & New Zealand. The integration between our eCommerce platform and the POS is the beating heart of our system. By bringing the brick and mortar store and online world together your customers can shop the way they want whilst keeping things simple for you and your team to manage.


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