Grocery stores

Grocery Stores

The Myfoodlink platform has been built with the product catalogue of large supermarkets in mind, which makes it more than suitable for grocery stores.

In the world of online retail it is easy for grocery store owners to feel left behind, but this doesn’t need to be the case.

Our customer have built successful online business models to complement their
in-store sales and grow their business.

With a Myfoodlink online store there is no need for manual data imports. Delivery and pickup zones are quick to create and assign, customer orders are clear to track and manage, and our product image library gets your online store looking amazing straight away.

Hill Street Grocer

Hill Street Grocer first took their business online with Myfoodlink in 2012.  

Since then they have grown a thriving and innovative online business, with their in store focus on fresh produce and customer service successfully carried over to the online offering.

A key element of the Hill Street brand at a broad level is a focus on fresh produce, the team take great care in re-producing this service through the online store.  The care taken by staff in selecting the best produce and packing orders effectively routinely receives positive feedback from customers.

Hill Street have used their online store to grow sales in geographic areas adjacent to their bricks and mortar stores, effectively growing their sales based on new availability and delivery options.

The online store is complemented by, and included in, marketing material the business sends out, including regular online only offers and adherance to in store specials.

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