Specialist food producers

Specialist food producers 

Online stores offer a particularly excellent opportunity for specialist producers and suppliers, as it allows business owners to remove geography and distance as barriers to customers purchasing from them.  

Specialist producers online with Myfoodlink are able to utilise the platform to sell their products all over Australia, reaching customers who would otherwise be unable to purchase from them. 

These specialists make use of the marketing tools built into the platform such as email marketing database integrations, coupons, delivery zones and offers.

Customer Profile: The Two Metre Tall 

The Two Meter Tall Company have been online with Myfoodlink since 2013!

They are farmers brewing farm ales & ciders in unique batches using farm grown ingredients from their own property in the Derwent Valley of Tasmania as well as ingredients sourced directly from farmers across the state. Barrel aging, spontaneous fermentations, experimentation and everything in between. Fruit in ale, sour cherries and more.

Here an online store has allowed the business to reach customers who would otherwise never get to visit the cellar door on Derwent Valley.

The online store forms a key element in the sales and marketing strategy for the business.  

The Two Metre Tall Company have used the Myfodlink platform to grow sales far beyond what they could have geographically achieved from their cellar door, making it a sucessful Australia-wide business.


Image of Two Metre Tall Company website
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