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Customer Storefront

Your customers will love using the Myfoodlink Storefront on their computer, tablet or mobile phone.

We are delighted to get regular feedback from users who tell us how much easier the Myfoodlink systems are to use than other major supermarket online stores.

Buying products & adjusting quantities is fast and intuitive. Customers can browse the aisles or search for specific items. Checking out is a matter of choosing a delivery or pickup slot and choosing how to pay.

The Myfoodlink Storefront is proven to handle the complexity of everyday grocery shopping whilst making it feel easy for customers.


Online Grocery Store Customer Storefront Features Animation
Great Online Grocery Customer Support

Customer Support

During store set-up, we carefully train your key staff members to use the Myfoodlink store, whether it’s for order fulfilment or product management.

Once your store is open for business, Myfoodlink Customer Support focuses on quickly resolving queries that you or your staff may have about the Myfoodlink platform and how to make the most of it.

Myfoodlink Customer Support is offered by phone, email or Skype using a support system to ensure that queries are dealt with in a timely way.



Dispatch Grocery Orders Easily

Order Fulfilment Engine

There’s plenty to take into account when offering home delivery to your customers.

The Myfoodlink Order Fulfilment Engine can factor in customer location, order value, order weight, day, date and time & more so that you only accept orders you know you can fulfil.

When it’s time to box up the goods and get them out of the store, the Myfoodlink Order Fulfilment Engine prompts you every step of the way, easily handling picking & substitutes by multiple staff members if required.

Business Intelligence - Analyse Online Sales

Business Intelligence

The Myfoodlink platform provides a wealth of detailed information about your online store and its customers.

Quickly identify customer retention, average basket value, store turnover & more with Myfoodlink’s Business Intelligence reporting right at your fingertips.

The Myfoodlink system has been prepared with both business and customers in mind.  Allowing store owners to make the most out of their online shop.

Grow your online business with digital marketing

Digital Marketing

Myfoodlink exists to help its customers make money from online grocery retail.

The Myfoodlink Digital Marketing platform includes a range of software tools to enable cost-effective, trackable marketing to take place.

And, because we recognise the specialised nature of some online marketing techniques, our experienced marketing staff can manage your digital marketing campaign on your behalf.

Our team is here to help your business navigate online marketing and sales growth, with recommendations, advice and management services available to clients.

Data Management - Online Store POS Integrated

Data Management

Powerful data management is the key to a successful online supermarket. The Myfoodlink Data Management system takes product information from your Point of Sale (POS) system to create your online store.

At checkout, information about product sales is returned to the POS, ensuring complete integration with existing workflow. You can think of the Myfoodlink online store as an extra till in your store.

The Myfoodlink Data Management system handles this complex task transparently in a way that works for store owners and their customers.

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