The Myfoodlink grocery e-commerce platform

Why should I go online?

In a nutshell: your customers and your competitors are online; if your business isn't online other companies in your field are reaching your customers online in place of you.

Taking your business online is not going to take away from your existing in store business.  Online retailing gives you the opportunity to capture new customers, for example through delivery options, and create new partnerships with existing customers. 

There are all sorts of small medium and large businesses online with Myfoodlink.  From artisan cheesemakers to supermarket chains with multiple online stores, we are able to help.

The Myfoodlink platform 

Myfoodlink offers the market leading platform for grocery & supermarket

The top three reasons our system is so effective for stores:

  • the best integrations with grocery Point of Sale (POS) systems;
  • real-world delivery scheduling system;
  • easy, friendly system for customers and store staff.

Our team are with you from the start, with training and support for staff members to ensure the day to day running of your online store is an asset to your business.  For support requests at any time our team are just a click away.

Why choose Myfoodlink?

The Myfoodlink platform is user-friendly for customers, with an intuitive shopping and checkout process.  That the system is easy for customers (young and old) to use is the most common piece of feedback we hear.  

Our Intelligent Delivery Matrix makes managing multiple delivery zones a breeze.  Our system allows for the creation of multiple timeslots and delivery zones to ensure maximum efficiency from your delivery options.

With a Myfoodlink online shop there is no need for manual data imports, instead we are working with industry leaders to ensure our platform continues to integrate seamlessly with existing POS systems.

Our team are specialists at bringing businesses just like yours online, but our core focus is on helping these online stores be profitable.

We want to work with our customers to make sure their new online store is the best it can possibly be.  For us it not enough to simply build an online store, we are with our customers from day one and every day thereafter.

Want to know more?

To talk to us about how a Myfoodlink E-Commerce Platform could work for your business, and an obligation-free demonstration, simply fill out the contact form below.

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