The Happy Apple: A Case Study

Case Study - The Happy Apple

Mimi McIntyre, Myfoodlink Marketing Officer

The Happy Apple is a Foodworks store located in Ascot Vale, Victoria.  Open since 2007 the store focuses on fresh and seasonal produce, and has a reputation as an excellent local greengrocer. 

In 2015 the team at The Happy Apple worked with Myfoodlink to migrate from their existing online ordering service to a new intergrated platform.  The new platform was a sucess with customers and the team continue to grow sales, develop lasting relationships with online customers and integrate the online store into the overall business marketing strategy.   

In addition to the online store, Myfoodlink also provided a new website and shopping applications for The Happy Apple to ensure customer’s digital experience was as seamless as possible.


So, how did they do it? 


Click here to download a PDF of our case study.  In it we look at the marketing and sales strategies the team at The Happy Apple used in launching the new online store platform and how they market the online store today to continue their success.  



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