Using Coupons to grow online sales

How Coupons grow online sales

Mimi McIntyre, Myfoodlink Marketing Officer


Coupons are a handy little feature of the Myfoodlink platform (if we do say so ourselves) and are a valuable tool in helping to attract new online customers, increase basket size and drive repeat customers.

Here’s a quick rundown of how Coupons can be incorporated in to your online marketing strategy.


Set a coupon to distribute under a ‘$10 off your first order’ offer.

Introductory discounts for first time shoppers are pretty standard in online retail, whether it be 10%, $10, free delivery or something else, it’s a way to encourage customers to make their first purchase – after which they’ve tried the system and now how easy it is, and you’ve got their contact details so you can market to them to try and drive a repeat sale.


Coupons can be used to set a rotating schedule of offers

Pick 4 online offers you’re happy to make to your online customers, and then run one of them every fortnight.  Use Coupons to set them up and distribute the code to customers via your marketing channels. 


Offers could be:

  • $10 off when you spend $100 or more
  • Free delivery when you spend $100 or more
  • $15 dollars off when you spend $150 or more
  • Free delivery to ‘a specific’ delivery zone when you spend $50 or more


You can offer a dollar amount off or a percentage

When you’re setting up a coupon you can select the minimum spend it can be used on (for example on orders of $100 or more), and if the discount is a dollar amount or a percentage.  We usually recommend going with a dollar amount as it means customers know what they’re saving straight away without have to work it out.  But the system is flexible and every business is different, so try a few options and see what works best for you!


They can be tailored to specific delivery zones and customers

After you’ve selected a minimum spend and the discount to be offered, you can select how the coupon will be restricted to customers and can restrict it by delivery zone if you want.  This is pretty handy because it allows you to target customers in new or under-performing delivery zones with special offers.


They are easy to distribute

Coupons are really, really easy to distribute to your customers; you just need to give them the code!  You can do this via a personalised email, via mass email marketing campaigns, add it to the bottom of in store receipts, pop it on the front page of your website and online store, and splash it across all your social media.  And don’t forget, customers are on the lookout for this sort of thing – they want to save money, even if they have to spend a bit more than usual to do it!


They are easy to set up

Coupons can be set up in just a minute or so, using the Coupons screen in the Settings page.  Once your Coupon is set up it becomes active, and remains so until you switch it off again.


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