Marketing Integrations

Marketing integrations are important for boosting customer communication, understanding shopper actions, and increasing profits. Our system includes a range of tools that help meet these goals efficiently.

POS System and Myfoodlink data core


Email marketing solutions

Capture your shopper’s contact details in order to build your email marketing list. Keep in touch with your shoppers with regular emails about weekly specials, current special offers and updates to opening hours, delivery times and new products.  The Myfoodlink system integrates with Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor mailing list platforms.


Store Analytics

To learn more about how your customers are using your store, you can integration your shopping platform with Google Analytics.  Gain insights into where your customers are clicking through from, which pages see the most traffic and where shoppers spend the most time.


Third party advertising

The Myfoodlink platform integrates with CitrusAd which allows you to offer supplier-funded, third-party advertising on your online store.  This helps make your online store a dynamic shopping environment, similar to in store promotions and partnerships and allows to you to earn easy additional revenue from your online platform.