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Lettuce Deliver: one of Sydney's most successful home delivery companies is online with Myfoodlink!

Lettuce Deliver is one of Australia’s largest independent home delivery services, specialising in chemical-free and organic produce.  The business is based in Sydney and has been operating for over 22 years.  The business first came to life as Mary’s Organics, one of the city's first home delivery services of organic produce, before later taking on its new name. 

Today the Lettuce Deliver is owned by the Stuart family, who continue to grow sales with incredible success by focussing on Australian, chemical-free and organic produce, an extensive grocery range, and making use of their existing delivery networks.

In 2021 Lettuce Deliver worked with Myfoodlink to move to a new e-commerce platform.  The Myfoodlink system allowed for quick management of products and tagging of organic and local suppliers, along with the ability to easily allocate delivery zones to meet their existing thriving customer-base.

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