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The Myfoodlink platform offers an excellent level of functionality for wholesale businesses looking to move their ordering to an online system.

Product catalogues and orders are easy to track, manage and dispatch with the Myfoodlink system, allowing for small and large scale wholesalers.

Eliminate the need for order forms and email registers by switching to an integrated online ordering option. 

With the Myfoodlink platform you can streamline your business operations and improve staffing, packing and dispatching efficiency.

Customer Profile: Anatolian Foods


Anatolian Foods were operating a successful wholesale business, but took the ordering portion online in 2016 to increase efficiency.

Since going online the business has seen strong sales from existing customers, and growing sales month on month.

The Myfoodlink platform allows for large-scale customer orders to be placed with ease by wholesale shoppers, and then for these orders to be efficiently packed and dispatched by the Anatolian team.

In addition to increased busienss efficiency, offering online shopping for wholesale customers allows Anatolian Foods to reach customers which are geographically dispersed; bringing the product range to shoppers that business reps can not easily or regularly visit.

Niche products carried by businesses and wholesalers such as Anatolian Foods thrive in an online environment where they can attract the largest number of customers, without the constraint of distance.

The Myfoodlink system allows for wholesale and retail price levels to be incorporated into the one store platform.

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