The term: ‘The Last Mile’, refers to the delivery of a product or products from your business to the customer after purchase.  Traditionally this is one of the least profitable elements of ecommerce and one which it is not always convenient for a business to fulfil in-house.  With our integrations you can outsource this via delivery platforms, with the potential to greatly reduce your costs and improve profitability. You can list multiple couriers in your online store, or easily offer a mix of in-house and courier solutions.

POS System and Myfoodlink data core


Offer multiple delivery channels

Use our delivery courier integrations to complement your existing delivery options. You can extend your delivery time options and delivery range, without increasing your delivery costs.


Reduce your in-house delivery costs

The costs associated with offering delivery can be high, especially when you're just getting started and order volumes are still building.  Outsourcing this means you can target your staff efforts where they’re best focused. 


Reliable delivery partners

The data is in: our delivery couriers consistently deliver customer orders on time and in excellent condition. Rest assured that your customers are receiving great service from our courier partners.


Book for on-demand or scheduled delivery

Using one of our courier partners gives you the flexibility of offering on-demand delivery as well as future scheduled delivery.  This means you can give your customers the greatest range of options that best suits their needs. 


Uber Direct

Utilising Uber Direct's courier services, you can offer your customers a wider range of delivery options, including on-demand and scheduled deliveries, without incurring additional in-house expenses. This integration allows you to reduce costs associated with maintaining your own delivery fleet while ensuring that your customers receive their orders promptly and in good condition.



DoorDash Drive's proprietary technology ensures efficient order batching, optimised routing and real-time tracking, resulting in faster and more reliable deliveries. Additionally, DoorDash Drive's data-driven insights can help you to make informed decisions to improve your delivery performance and customer satisfaction.


Drive Yello

Drive Yello's courier service ensures efficient handling of deliveries. The platform's real-time tracking and proof of delivery features provide transparency and peace of mind for you and your customers. By using this integration, you can reduce costs, enhance customer satisfaction and focus on core operations.



Rocketeer Couriers offer a dedicated delivery fleet of experienced staff, ensuring timely and secure deliveries. The integration allows you to provide customers with flexible delivery options while reducing your in-house delivery costs and improving customer satisfaction. 



Myfoodlink's integration with Shippit opens up new opportunities for you to offer long-distance delivery options to your customers. Shippit's extensive network of courier partners allows you to ship products nationwide, enabling you to tap into new markets and grow your customer base.



Sherpa's unique "no-hub" model ensures faster delivery times, as couriers are dispatched directly from the store to the customer. The integration allows you to offer on-demand and same-day delivery options, which is crucial for perishable goods. With Sherpa's user-friendly platform and real-time tracking, you can enhance your local delivery capabilities.