Grocery Stores

The Myfoodlink platform was built with the product catalogue of large supermarkets in mind, which makes it very suitable for grocery stores.  This was what our platform was originally built for and the system is incredibly robust and full of features designed for these businesses. 

Trusted by hundreds of Grocery Stores across Australia and New Zealand.

Our grocery customers have built successful online business models to complement their in-store sales and grow their business.

With a Myfoodlink online store there is no need for manual data imports as this is managed via integration with your existing point of sale system.  


Delivery and pick up

Delivery and pickup zones are quick to create and assign, and you can use one of our courier integrations to supplement your in-store delivery availability.  


Order management

Customer orders are clear to track and manage, and with supported point of sale systems online orders are reported automatically back to your point of sale system.  


Product images

Our product image library gets your online store looking amazing straight away, and the management of weekly or other specials is straightforward and easy to manage through the point of sale integration.

Screenshot of a template for a grocery store using the Myfoodlink logo and system

The Myfoodlink team can use your existing business branding to create an online platform that matches your in store brand, or work with you to prepare a new design for your online store.  Our marketing integrations make promoting your online store straightforward and you can even earn extra revenue through third-party advertising should you wish.

For multi-store groups, where not all stores are currently looking to offer ecommerce, we can offer our Store Chooser and Microsite solutions to ensure a seamless digital experience for customers. 

From the local corner store and family businesses, to supermarkets and store groups, our customers are successfully using the Myfoodlink platform to grow their digital business.  

Our grocery customers range from individual small specialty stores to multi-store independent groups, and the Myfoodlink platform works for them all. To learn more about the businesses we are working with, visit the customers page.

Myfoodlink's powerful, modular platform integrates with your in-store systems and delivery partners