Take a look at the different elements of the Myfoodlink platform.  These are available in isolation or combination to create a digital ecosystem that works for your business

Centralised Management

Myfoodlink integrates with various marketplaces, effectively centralising your online operations. With Myfoodlink, you can manage your product information, pricing, POS sales reporting and inventory all in one platform. This eliminates the need for manual management on different platforms.



Take your store online with the Myfoodlink ecommerce platform, designed specifically for the grocery and liquor industries. Our software meets the needs of everyone from large grocery store and liquor groups, to artisan producers and single-store grocery owners.  Our platform is easy for store staff and shoppers to navigate. 



For those stores who are not currently offering ecommerce, we offer Microsites. These are a flexible store landing page used to display contact details, opening hours, store location and map, as well as promotions and the flippable catalogue.  These are often combined into a directory with the Myfoodlink Store Chooser.


Mobile Apps

Myfoodlink offer custom mobile apps for iOS and Android that integrate with your ecommerce platform to ensure a consistent shopping experience across app, mobile and web-based shopping. This provides your store with a presence in both major app stores, including effective app store marketing text, icons and app preview images. 



Myfoodlink builds beautiful custom websites which integrate with Myfoodlink online stores. If you need a powerful business-wide marketing tool that can unify all of your online platforms, talk to our experienced team.


Occasion Stores

Our Occasions Stores are suitable for businesses looking to offer catering or event-specific products.  These integrate and operate similarly to our primary ecommerce platform, and can be designed to match your website and company branding to allow for a consistent customer experience.


Modular System

The Myfoodlink system is modular, meaning you can create a flexible digital solution with tools that works for your business. Maybe your business is after a single-store ecommerce solution, or you have a multi-store group where some stores are yet to enable ecommerce, or you want to include your loyalty program, or an app, or a website - Myfoodlink can offer it all.

Modules from myfoodlink system
Sunmi device using myfoodlink App to pick liquor on bottleshops

Countertop Device

The picking device sits on your shop counter and alerts staff when a new order has been placed. A quick picking slip can optionally be printed and the whole order fulfilment process managed from the simple Myfoodlink app on this robust device.

The picking device suits businesses like convenience and liquor stores that handle a large number of orders with lower item counts. 

Tablet Order Picking

The tablet order picking feature, used on any iPad-like tablet, integrates with Bluetooth barcode scanners and speeds up the picking process.  Staff can edit product values and substitutions as they pick, then charge the card and print packing slips straight from the tablet. 

Tablet using Myfoodlink feature to pick groceries on supermarket and grocery stores

POS Integration

The Myfoodlink ecommerce platform integrates with the leading POS system providers, meaning updating and maintaining your online inventory is mostly hands-off for range and pricing.  The ability of the Myfoodlink platform to integrate with, and handle the data from, POS systems is a key element of what makes our software so suitable for grocery and liquor retailers.

Courier & Marketplace

We know that delivery can be a sticking point for businesses wanting to offer ecommerce, with the cost of delivering the goods often prohibitive.  That’s why our platform integrates with leading couriers and marketplaces, to make outsourcing delivery a breeze. 

Support Icons


Our support team is here to help you get started with your ecommerce platform and to assist you along the way. 

The whole team is based in our Hobart office. Support ticket response and resolution times adhere to strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs).