At Myfoodlink, we offer efficient marketplace integrations that simplify ecommerce. With a focus on centralised management and partnerships with DoorDash, Uber Eats and Menulog, we cater to the fast-growing trend for home-delivered groceries and liquor.

Centralised Management Data Flow


Centralised Management

Myfoodlink ecommerce shops and microsites can now retrieve product information from a store’s POS system and apply improvements to it before sending it to the Marketplace platforms, where a high-quality shopfront with full image coverage and specific pricing is maintained. Then, when store staff have fulfilled orders using the marketplace platform, the relevant product sales with accurate pricing are retrieved by Myfoodlink and reported back to the POS. This removes the need for store staff to scan, for example, Uber Eats orders through a checkout and adjust the sale price accordingly. This leads in turn to automated, accurate sales reporting and POS stock levels, as well as substantially reducing staff handling time.


Product pricing mark-ups

The Myfoodlink platform allows configuration and pricing mark-ups on ranges, subranges and specials.


Range management

With our ecommerce platform you can monitor product availability using Myfoodlink tools such as the 'last sold' date.  Removing unwanted products is quick and easy, and you can select departments for export to marketplaces, such as Uber Eats.


Product name & description enrichment

Product names in POS data are often basic, abbreviated and truncated and are not suitable for use in ecommerce. Myfoodlink provides a database of improved names as well as tools for store groups to improve names in one place for all their stores using the platform. 


Product images

Product images are automatically added to all barcoded products from Myfoodlink’s image database Groceria. Groceria is integrated with SKULibrary, SKUvantage and GS1 New Zealand image libraries.


Data retrieved from Marketplaces

Myfoodlink creates accurate sales data to send back to POS systems, using the reporting data available from marketplace and courier integrations.

DoorDash  Under Development

This integration will complement your online store operations to meet the growing demand for home-delivered groceries and alcohol.  With the DoorDash integration you can list products via the marketplace integration. 

Uber Eats

Myfoodlink's integration with Uber Eats simplifies product data management on the platform to match the grocery's fast-paced environment. Use Uber Eats to supplement your existing in store delivery options.

Menulog  Under Development

Menulog has recently expanded its core business areas to include grocery and liquor.  With the Myfoodlink marketplace integration you can make sales using Menulog in addition to in-store and ecommerce options.