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Myfoodlink is the supplier of digital shopfronts for more than 1000 independent supermarkets and liquor stores around Australia and New Zealand.

Our team aim to make the Myfoodlink eCommerce platform experience easy for your instore team, but, most importantly, for your customers.

Your customer's journey and user experience when using our system is always evolving. This way we can guarantee their return to your online store.

The current lockdown situation has been driving us towards solutions to which we wouldn’t be looking for right now. That’s because the need for evolution is making us cover 5 years of online updates in around 12 months. 

With that in mind, we have recently released our I am here feature for mobile devices. Following government and health specialists rules for keeping social distancing and avoiding large gatherings. 

As an example, it isn’t uncommon for customers to arrive at the store and having to wait around for a long time before finding the in-store team, having their order identified, assembled and retrieved.

With our new 'I am here' feature, the customer can notify the store when they arrive at the store carpark from their mobile phone. Thus you can get to their order faster and have it ready for collection when they enter the store.

One thing that is becoming increasingly common in supermarkets is the inclusion of Click & Collect bays in the store carpark. The ‘I am here feature’ enables this convenience, the offer of delivering the order straight to the boot of the customer car is possible.

This service is particularly popular with parents with small children who can’t be left unattended and people with mobility issues. This situation is easily resolved as these customers don't actually have to leave their vehicles. With this new feature, you can make contactless Click & Collect fully possible.

How does the ‘I am here’ feature work?

  • The customer puts their order through the online store

  • The store receives the order;

  • The instore team pick & pack the order;

  • Products go into labelled containers;

  • Order is 'finalised' in the backend;

  • The customer receives an email with the subject 'your order is ready for pickup'.

Until here, the journey was the same as in any other online store. 

  • Arriving at the store, the customer will check the app and find the 'I am here' button displayed on the screen;

  • By clicking on it, a message will promptly appear with the procedures to be followed;

  • The store will be notified that the customer is there and ready to collect its shopping.

Online Grocery Shopping is all about convenience, and the ‘I am here’ feature just adds that extra little bit of benefit to a Click & Collect customer! 

Enjoy another great feature from Myfoodlink and stay tuned for more.

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