New Store - Midway Market Place IGA + Liquor

“Most would agree, supermarket shopping isn’t the highlight of their day… but we’re not most 


With the statement above, the Midway Market Place IGA + Liquor had its great opening in the middle of a pandemic. But, as per a famous Latin proverb, fortune favours the bold and bold they were.

The Midway Market Place IGA + Liquor opened its doors on the 1st of July 2020, in a state of the art facility. 

A year later, on the 19th of August 2021, they have decided to gift themselves with the best present, an online eCommerce platform. 

This is super convenient for the people from Buronga & Gol-Gol, who now can have this fantastic store in the palm of their hands. 

Offering Click & Collect, 7-days a week, from 10 am to 7 pm, to make every shopping experience the highlight of everyone’s day.

Welcome to Myfoodlink, Midway Market Place IGA + Liquor.

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New Zealand phone  09 888 4000