Popular Online Ordering Days for Grocery & Liquor

Liquor Ordering Days

Looking across all of our bottle shops, we can see that Friday is the most popular ordering day followed by Saturday and then Thursday. With 91% of liquor orders being delivered, it isn’t surprising that as weekend rolls in customers are looking for that ultra-convenient service of having their alcohol delivered. With this in mind, it is important to focus your delivery schedule around these popular days to ensure you are servicing customers when they want it. In liquor, on-demand delivery is very popular, and having this service available on a late afternoon/early evening on these core days is vital for success. Whilst Thursday to Saturday is popular both in-store and online, it also opens up opportunities to upsell on the less popular days to incentivise in spreading your volume across the quieter days. You can achieve this by offering reduced delivery fees or free delivery on early week orders over a certain shopping amount.

Grocery Ordering Days

Looking across all of our grocery stores we can see that the popular ordering days are far more balanced across the week compared to liquor. There are multiple reasons for these different days that suit different customer needs. For example, Thursdays suit customers getting their groceries ready for the weekend. Mondays are for customers who shop for the week at the start of the week, and Wednesday is the most common pricing special changeover day in Australia. 
Friday & Saturday are the two quietest days of the week, but this does not mean they are not important. We often see these days have a reduced offering due to staffing capability which impacts how much this represents. Friday & Saturday are great opportunity days to improve & pursue when the core ordering days are beginning to become full. Remember to think of the customer first, and what type of customer would want a weekend order and when. Friday early evening before people go out, and early Saturday morning before people start their day or midday/early Saturday afternoon to cater for people getting food for that weekend party etc. 

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