What’s the deal with SEO?

We’re often asked about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) by our customers, mainly because they’ve been approached by an SEO services salesperson. People often want to know what SEO is and whether it’s actually important or not.

Yes, SEO is important

Let’s say you own Jack’s Bakery in Melbourne. You want to be found when someone types ‘Melbourne bakery’ into Google. There are a few bakeries in Melbourne, so being the one at the top is important. You also want to appear when people search for ‘best croissant in Melbourne etc.

When people talk about ‘improving your SEO’, they’re generally referring to moving your website up the Google search results for a range of different search terms.

Should I spend $$$ on SEO services?

We don’t think you need to. Many of the items that will improve SEO for your business are things you can do yourself. There’s an easy checklist of strategies and settings from Myfoodlink, which is available to everyone, and shows you how to get started. The budget you may have set aside for SEO services would usually work harder if allocated to marketing your online store.

So can I improve my own SEO?

Yes, you can. We have a no-nonsense checklist of configuration tasks that will improve your SEO ranking. It’s a bit long to put into this article but you can easily get a copy by asking us.

It is tempting to outsource SEO because it sounds complicated and as though it 'should' be expensive, but it's not necessarily something your business needs.  At the very least we recommend working through our checklist of items and reviewing progress over a 2-month period before looking to SEO companies for assistance.

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